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Oversight Chairman subpoenas President Biden’s son in corruption probe

By Jake Beardslee · December 1, 2023

In brief…

  • Comer subpoenaed Hunter Biden for Dec. 13 deposition and will later schedule public hearing
  • Comer defended closed-door questioning as more efficient than public testimony
  • Former Chairman Chaffetz agreed depositions should come first in thorough probes
  • Lowell proposed public hearing but Comer suspects Biden wants to limit questioning
House Oversight Committee subpoenas Hunter Biden for questioning related to probe of alleged Biden family corruption.  United States House of Representatives/Wikimedia

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer stated that he will publicize the transcript of Hunter Biden’s upcoming deposition and schedule a public hearing for the president’s son after his closed-door testimony. Comer subpoenaed Biden for a Dec. 13 deposition related to the committee’s investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings. Hunter Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, proposed a public hearing instead, but Comer asserted that a deposition is necessary to ask all required questions efficiently before any public testimony.

Democrats criticized Republicans for initially rejecting Lowell’s proposal, but Comer dismissed their criticism as a “false narrative.” He explained that depositions allow for more thorough questioning not possible in public hearings. Comer vowed transparency, saying “We will release the transcripts…This has been the most transparent major congressional investigation in history.”

Former Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz agreed depositions should precede public hearings in serious investigations. He said the Bidens cannot dictate the investigation’s format and suspects they want to avoid extensive questioning. Lowell later alleged Republicans want “closed-door sessions to manipulate” facts, but Comer stood by the investigation’s credibility in uncovering “serious crimes” involving the Bidens, he told Fox News Digital.