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Mike Pence: ‘History Will Hold [Trump] Accountable’ for Capitol Riots

By Belal Awad · July 24, 2023

In brief…

  • Mike Pence chastized former boss Donald Trump, calling his actions on January 6th "reckless"
  • Of Trump, Pence said, "I believe that history will hold him accountable" for the Capitol riots.
  • Pence said the vast majority of its members are law-abiding and patriotic Americans who would not engage in violence.
  • Pence called for new leadership in the Republican Party.
  • Pence remains confident in the American people's commitment to law and order.
Donald Trump and Mike Pence Caricature.  Wikimedia Commons

Former Vice President and 2024 Presidential hopeful Mike Pence blasted his former boss, Donald Trump, as he recalled the events of January 6, 2021, calling Trump’s actions on the day of the infamous capitol riots “reckless,” adding, “I believe that history will hold him accountable.”

Even so, Pence insists it would be unfair to hold the Republican Party to account for the wild incident that sent shockwaves across the nationl, telling CNN, “Look, it was one of the things that infuriated me on January 6th … [seeing] people ransacking the Capitol and engaging in violence against law enforcement officers… Virtually everyone in our movement are the kind of Americans who love this country, are patriotic, who are law-and-order people who would never have done anything like that [in Washington] or anywhere else.”

Pence continued, “I believe that Republican primary voters know that we need new leadership in this party. I know that some of the pundits and the pollsters think it’s different out there. But I got to tell you, based on the enthusiasm and the support that we’re seeing, not only across New Hampshire this week, but in Iowa and states around the country, I’m absolutely convinced that we’re going to have a new standard bearer in this party, and we’re going to work every day to make sure it’s up.”

On the prospect of more unrest from Trump supporters, Pence said his “faith remains with the American people” and their adherence to the principles of law and order and their ability to exercise their First Amendment rights responsibly.