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Republicans demand testimony from Biden insider in corruption investigation

By Jake Beardslee · December 29, 2023

In brief…

  • House Republicans subpoena Biden business associate Michael Lewitt in impeachment probe
  • Seek info on James Biden's ties to Americore and funds from the company
  • Comes after Hunter, James Biden already subpoenaed in corruption investigation
  • White House denies wrongdoing as GOP builds impeachment case before taking House
  • Lewitt ordered to testify voluntarily by Jan. 11 or face compelled questioning
House Republican leaders have subpoenaed Biden family business associate Michael Lewitt demanding information on James Biden's financial dealings as they escalate their impeachment inquiry against the president.  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States/Wikimedia

House Republican leaders have expanded their impeachment investigation into President Biden, sending a subpoena to businessman Michael Lewitt demanding his testimony regarding his ties to James Biden, the president’s brother.

The subpoena was issued by Representatives James Comer and Jim Jordan, the chairs of the House Oversight and Judiciary committees spearheading the probe. They stated that Lewitt has “information relevant to the impeachment inquiry” concerning his business dealings with James Biden and troubled hospital chain Americore.

Specifically, the lawmakers want details on “loans” that James Biden allegedly received from Americore while it was in financial distress. They also want information on the $200,000 payment President Biden made to his brother on the same day James Biden got a separate $200,000 payment from Americore.

The GOP chairs have already subpoenaed both James and Hunter Biden to obtain their testimony in the rapidly escalating impeachment investigation into potential corruption allegations against the president. The White House maintains the president has done nothing improper.

If Lewitt fails to voluntarily appear for questioning by the January 11th deadline, the Republican committee heads plan to compel his testimony. The subpoena marks the latest aggressive step in the GOP probe as they work to build a case for impeachment prior to retaking the House majority next month.