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‘Shut the F up’ - Carville tears Into woke Dems in Maher interview

By Jake Beardslee · September 27, 2023

In brief…

  • Legendary Democratic Party strategist James Carville bashed far-left Democrats as "stupid" and "naive" during an appearance on Bill Maher's podcast.
  • Carville argued that while only 10% of Democrats are progressive, they drag down the entire party.
  • Carville and Maher both voiced concerns over Biden's age as a liability against Trump in 2024.
Veteran Democratic strategist James Carville (above) used an appearance on Bill Maher's podcast to blast his party's progressive wing.  JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA/Wikimedia

Legendary Democratic strategist James Carville did not hold back in mocking the far-left wing of the Democratic Party, calling them “stupid” and “naive” on Bill Maher’s “Club Random” podcast.

“I find the left to be just annoying,” said Carville, who served as Bill Clinton’s key political advisor. “The Western far left is habitually the most stupid, naive people you can imagine. They come up with these really goofy constructs, and it’s all about feeling good about yourself.”

Maher agreed with Carville’s assessment, criticizing progressives for prioritizing feelings over principles such as free speech.

“If your feelings are hurt, that’s more important than free speech,” Maher argued sarcastically.

Carville revisited his criticisms of progressive Democrats later in the program, calling them a burden to the party. He argued that while only 10% of the party actually identified as progressive, they drag the entire party down.

“The number of MAGA people is 65%. We pay a greater price for 10% of our party, than they pay for 65% of their party,” Carville said.

The Democratic strategist also blamed “overeducated, coastal white people” for hijacking the term “woke” in a way that has driven voters away.

“If we could just get the humanities faculty at Amherst [College] to shut the F up, we’d be a lot better off,” Carville said.

Both Carville and Maher went on to voice concerns that President Biden’s age could hurt him in a potential 2024 rematch against Trump.

“He cannot run for president. He’ll look bad in the debates,” Maher said.

They agreed, however, that Trump had changed the Republican Party for the worse.

“Not all Trump people are racists, but all racists are Trump people,” Carville declared.