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Stock Up on Stamps Now Before USPS Price Hike Hits in July: What You Should Know

By Jake Beardslee · April 28, 2024

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is set to increase the cost of several mailing services, including a 5-cent price hike for First-Class Forever Stamps, come mid-July.  Tareq Ismail/Unsplash

In an announcement on April 9th, the USPS cited "continued changes in the mailing and shipping market" as the rationale behind these price adjustments, stating they are "needed to achieve the financial stability sought by the organization's Delivering for America 10-year plan."  Sean Boyd/Unsplash

The forthcoming price increases represent the latest in a series of hikes that have impacted postage costs over recent years.  Maarten van den Heuvel/Unsplash

While full details are still forthcoming, the USPS has outlined a few key changes so far:  Joel Moysuh

First-Class Forever Stamps will rise from 63 cents to 68 cents.  NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA/Wikimedia

Metered mail will increase from 60 cents to 65 cents.  Tony Webster from United States/Wikimedia

Postcard stamps will increase from 48 cents to 53 cents.  Mason B./Unsplash

1 oz letter additional ounce will increase from 24 cents to 29 cents.  Ethan Hoover/Unsplash

The USPS indicated price changes are also coming for "Special Services products, including Certified Mail and money order fees" though specifics were not provided. P.O. Box rental fees were confirmed to remain unchanged.  Tim Evans/Unsplash

"These price adjustments are needed to achieve the financial stability sought by the organization's Delivering for America 10-year plan," the USPS announcement stated.  Mount Rainier National Park from Ashford, WA, United States/Wikimedia

Customers have until July 14, 2024 to purchase stamps and mail items at the current rates before the new pricing takes effect.  Hans Isaacson/Unsplash

Stamps can be purchased at post offices, online at, by phone, or through approved retailers like Amazon's USPS-licensed collection.  CityLimitsJunction/Wikimedia

As inflation persists, this stamp price hike represents one of many cost increases consumers will face in the coming months across various goods and services.  Elliott R. Plack/Wikimedia