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Taylor Swift ‘all in’ on having kids with Travis Kelce in next year

By CM Chaney · October 29, 2023

In brief…

  • Travis Kelce reportedly wants to have kids with Taylor Swift in the next year
  • Source says they've discussed marriage and Swift is "all in" on the relationship
  • Swift has bonded with Kelce's family but touring may limit attending his games
  • Kelce and Swift are said to be making long-term plans despite busy schedules
Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are reportedly already discussing marriage and children together in the next year, though Swift's heavy touring schedule may limit her attending Kelce's NFL games.  All-Pro Reels / Makaiyla Willis / Wikimedia

According to a new report from Yahoo Entertainment, pop superstar Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce are getting serious, with Kelce hoping to have children with Swift “in the next year or so.”

The source said Kelce and Swift “are already making plans for the future” and have discussed having kids.

“He and Taylor have even talked about kids,” the insider stated, adding that Kelce sees himself marrying Swift. “Travis wants them in the next year or so, and Taylor, of course, is all in.”

Kelce, 34, comes from a close-knit football family. His mother Donna is a fixture at Chiefs games cheering him on, while older brother Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

The Kelce brothers co-host a podcast together and their mother wore a split Eagles-Chiefs jersey when the teams met in last year’s Super Bowl.

Swift, 33, has gotten to know the Kelces, attending Chiefs games and sitting with Donna. She also met Travis’ father, Ed, at a later game. The singer spent a weekend with Travis in New York this month before he left to see his brother Jason play.

However, Swift’s packed touring schedule may prevent her from attending Kelce’s games. She will be touring South America as the Chiefs start the second half of their season, and has dates abroad during the 2023 Super Bowl should the Chiefs return.

Her “Eras” tour runs through late 2023 in North America and Europe before wrapping in November 2024.

With Kelce hoping to start a family soon, the couple will have to balance his NFL career and her global concert tour. But the source says they are already planning their future together, with marriage and kids on the horizon.