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Taylor Swift reduces size of private jet collection after emissions criticism

By Jake Beardslee · February 6, 2024

In brief…

  • Taylor Swift recently removed one of her two private jets from her fleet, according to FAA records.
  • Swift's jet flew from Illinois to Missouri on January 30 before the ownership change.
  • Swift appears to be downsizing her jet collection amid critiques of celebrity flight emissions.
Taylor Swift has downsized her private jet fleet from two to one plane, but continues to face backlash over the environmental impact of celebrity flight emissions.  Paolo Villanueva/Wikimedia

Pop superstar Taylor Swift is downsizing her private jet fleet, according to Federal Aviation Administration records. Swift recently parted ways with one of her two luxury Dassault business jets, a Falcon 900 model purchased in 2009.

The jet was previously registered to SATA LLC, a company linked to Swift’s Nashville-based entertainment company. But as of January 30, FAA data shows the Falcon 900 is now owned by a Missouri firm unaffiliated with Swift.

It’s unclear whether Swift sold or leased the nearly 15-year-old jet, which has a list price around $44 million for a new model. The singer continues to own a larger Dassault 7X jet through a separate holding company, according to Business Insider.

The ditched Falcon 900 can carry up to 12 passengers on transcontinental flights. Swift’s remaining 7X jet seats 16 passengers and has a longer range. She may need to charter planes for even larger entourages when touring or attending events.

Some have criticized Swift’s extensive private jet collection as out of touch. A 2022 study named her the celebrity with the worst carbon emissions from private flights. Her jet logged over 166 flight hours for her recent Eras tour dates.

In response to criticisms, Swift’s spokesperson said she invests in carbon offsets to help mitigate the environmental impact. The singer also aims to keep her flight activity private and has used obscured flight plans.

But college student Jack Sweeney has thwarted those efforts by tracking and posting details on Swift’s jet flights through public FAA data. Swift’s attorneys sent Sweeney a cease-and-desist letter.