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Thousands shut down Brooklyn Bridge in pro-Palestine protest

By CM Chaney · October 29, 2023

In brief…

  • Thousands, including Orthodox Jews, protest for Palestine in Brooklyn
  • Protesters shut down Brooklyn Bridge, wave Palestinian flags
  • Part of march along heavily Jewish Eastern Parkway, Jews warned to avoid
  • Comes after 200+ arrested at Grand Central Station pro-Palestine protest
Thousands shut down part of the Brooklyn Bridge in a massive pro-Palestine protest, including members of New York's Orthodox Jewish community, as hundreds have been arrested in recent demonstrations across the city.  Martin St-Amant / Wikimedia

Thousands of protesters, including members of New York’s Orthodox Jewish community, shut down part of the Brooklyn Bridge on Saturday during a massive pro-Palestine demonstration.

Chanting “Free Palestine” and carrying signs reading “Zionism is Terrorism,” the crowd flooded the streets as part of the “Flood Brooklyn for Palestine” protest. Other placards stated “Biden is funding genocide” and “occupation is a crime.” Orthodox Jews joined in, wearing signs saying “Judaism condemns the State of Israel.”

Protesters scaled the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, waving Palestinian flags. The New York Post reported police expected up to 1,800 officers along the march route. A Starbucks was plastered with stickers stating “Zionism is terrorism” and “Zionist donors and trustees, hands off our universities.”

Organizer Within Our Lifetime warned that “the more they try and silence us, the louder we will be.”

“I don’t think the state of Israel should exist,” a protester told the Post. “I don’t think anything except for we need to give the land back to Palestine.”

Video showed a Jewish man waving American and Israeli flags confronted by protesters, with one calling him a “Zionist pig.” Another tried putting a sticker on him before being held back.

The march began Saturday afternoon along the largely Jewish Eastern Parkway. Earlier, Jews were warned to avoid the area.

A security source told, “Jews should definitely avoid the area.”

The protest comes as Israel escalates its war against Hamas. New York, with the world’s largest Jewish population outside Israel, has seen over 100 Palestinian solidarity protests since the conflict reignited. On Thursday, thousands marched from Wall Street to City Hall. Mayor Eric Adams said 233 have been arrested at demonstrations.

A similar Grand Central Station sit-in on Friday led to hundreds of arrests. Chanting “No more weapons, no more war,” protesters flooded the main concourse before police intervened. Signs read “Palestinians should be free” and called for an immediate ceasefire.