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Trump allies repeat election fraud theories after Giuliani verdict

By Jake Beardslee · December 18, 2023

In brief…

  • Debunked claims of invalid 2020 votes in Georgia spreading
  • Lawsuit filed to remove Lt. Gov Jones for actions as pro-Trump elector
  • 2024 election updates: Thompson backing Trump, Jenkins runs for Congress
Theories about Georgia's 2020 election results recently resurfaced following a verdict against Rudy Giulani.  Ali Shaker/VOA/Wikimedia

Social media lit up Friday with renewed conspiracy theories about the 2020 election in Georgia, following a jury ordering Rudy Giuliani to pay $148 million over false voter fraud accusations. Despite the ruling discrediting such claims, a viral post wrongly asserted Governor Brian Kemp’s team notified the Secretary of State that over 17,000 “invalid votes” were found in Fulton County last election, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

The Governor’s office rapidly denounced the accusations as “the same lies for three years” that remain unproven. “The 2020 election in Georgia was not stolen,” stated aide Cody Hall. Nevertheless, the debunked theories spread, including amplification from Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene who suggested the new false allegations proved she wasn’t a “conspiracy theorist.”

Additionally, Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson and State Representative David Jenkins made 2024 election announcements on Monday. Commissioner Thompson backed former President Trump’s reelection campaign.