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Trump blasts Biden for destroying 40% of US auto jobs in Mich. rally

By Jake Beardslee · September 27, 2023

In brief…

  • Trump addressed Michigan auto workers, contrasting his visit with Biden's recent 12-minute visit to the United Auto Workers picket line yesterday.
  • Trump accused Biden of supporting policies leading to job losses in the auto industry.
  • He claimed he saved auto manufacturing in his first term and will do so again if elected.
  • Trump urged the UAW to endorse him, breaking their tradition of endorsing Democrats.
Trump addressed Michigan auto workers, accusing Biden of supporting policies that have cost industry jobs while vowing he will save the industry.  Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America/Wikimedia

One hour before his low-polling rivals in the Republican primary took the stage for their second debate, former President Donald Trump held a rally at a Michigan auto-parts factory Wednesday night.

Trump visited Drake Enterprises in Clinton Township, north of Detroit, a nonunion company whose 150 employees make gearshift levers for heavy-duty trucks and car components for General Motors and Ford. The Trump campaign said more than 500 plumbers, pipe-fitters, electricians and autoworkers were to attend the event.

In his speech, Trump focused on American auto workers and American manufacturing.

“I want a future that protects American labor, not foreign labor,” he stated. “Under Crooked Joe Biden, you have none of this. Instead of economic nationalism, you have ultra-left wing globalism.”

Trump accused Biden of supporting policies that have led to job losses in the auto industry.

Under Joe Biden, “Nearly a quarter of a million jobs were destroyed here in Michigan alone, including 40% of all auto jobs,” Trump said.

He also contrasted his efforts to support U.S. manufacturing with Biden’s economic policies.

“I saved American auto manufacturing. You know that in my first term. And I’ll save it again,” Trump declared. “A vote for Crooked Joe means the future of the auto industry will be made in China.”

Trump urged United Auto Workers to endorse him, breaking their tradition of backing Democrats.

“Your leaders at United Auto Workers will endorse Donald Trump. Because, you know, standard history for years…they always endorse a Democrat,” he said, predicting the powerful union will change course.

Trump also warned that electric vehicle mandates pushed by the Biden administration are bad for all American autoworkers. He accused car companies of conceding too quickly to demands for electric vehicles that, he said, won’t sell well or go far enough on a single charge.

“I will never let the American automobile industry die. It will thrive,” Trump said.