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Ukraine Defense Minister Sets Date For Joining NATO - ‘We Will Win This War’

By Belal Awad · July 24, 2023

Ukranian Defence Minister Oleksii Reznikov (left) with Military Officer Oleksandr Syrskyi  Wikimedia Commons

Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov voiced optimism over his country’s prospects of joining NATO once its war with Russia ends. Reznikov acknowledged the decision to admit Ukraine into the alliance would be a political one, but said his nation’s pivotal role as, what he called, “the Eastern shield of Europe,” would win it admission. He also predicted military victory against Russia.

Reznikov told CNN that achieving a unanimous vote among NATO member nations during the ongoing conflict is unlikely because of NATO Article 5 which requires collective defense from all its members. After the war, he predicted, the votes will be there for Ukraine.

Making a compelling case, Reznikov said, “Ukrainians proved that we have real combat experience, how to deter Russians, to defeat them, to beat them and win using NATO standard weaponry. So how many [more] arguments [do] they need more?”

As for meeting NATO’s and the White House’s standards for government integrity and transparency, Reznikov insisted Ukraine “will continue providing our reforms. During this wartime also… My perception [is] next year [there] will be a summit in Washington, DC. Seventy-five years history of these allies. Who knows, maybe it will be a very important day for Ukraine.” Reznikov said optimistically.

Ukraine has been embroiled in conflict with Russia since 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea, leading to a protracted war in the Donbas region. The country’s aspirations to join NATO have been a subject of geopolitical interest, with Russia vehemently opposing any such move.

Ukraine’s proposed admission to NATO remains a matter of debate among member nations, with some concerned it would only further escalate tensions with Russia. As the conflict grinds on, however, Ukraine’s continued willingness to align itself with NATO appears to have raised its chances of membership in the near future.

Light Wave commentary

  • Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov is optimistic about Ukraine joining NATO after its war with Russia ends.

  • Reznikov believes Ukraine’s role as “the Eastern shield of Europe” and its combat experience will help it win admission to NATO.

  • Achieving a unanimous vote among NATO members during the current conflict is unlikely, but Reznikov predicts the votes will be there for Ukraine post-war.

  • Ukraine’s willingness to align itself consistently with NATO has increased its chances of membership.