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20 Bizarre Jobs You Never Knew Existed

By Jake Beardslee · March 12, 2024

Ever heard of a professional sleeper or an iceberg mover? Dive into the world of the weirdest jobs you never knew existed – jobs so bizarre, they redefine the meaning of 'workday.'  Marten Bjork/Unsplash

Professional Mourner

Originating from ancient cultures, professional mourners are hired to express grief at funerals, helping to honor the deceased and support their families during the mourning process.  The Good Funeral Guide/Unsplash


Specialists in the development of chewing gum, combining scientific knowledge with the practical testing of gum's flavor and bubble capabilities.  Charles Wright/Unsplash

Olive Oil Police in Italy

An elite group of law enforcement officers trained to detect and prevent the sale of counterfeit olive oil​.  Marquise de Photographie/Unsplash

Iceberg Mover

Tasked with relocating icebergs that pose a threat to shipping routes using tugboats and cranes, ensuring the safety of maritime travel​.  Alexander Hafemann/Unsplash

Dice Quality Inspector

his role involves conducting quality control tests on dice to ensure they have precise dimensions and weight balances for fair gameplay​.  Edge2Edge Media/Unsplash


In Costa Rica, cuidacarros watch over parked cars to deter theft, offering peace of mind to vehicle owners.  Michael Fousert/Unsplash

Human Scarecrow

A modern take on the traditional scarecrow, human scarecrows actively keep birds away from crops, embodying the role to protect agricultural yields.  Gregory Hayes/Unsplash

Soap Boiler

Soap boilers are responsible for transforming fats into neat soap, a foundational element in the production of bar and powdered soaps.  Kristina Balić/Unsplash

Professional Mermaid

Entertainers who don mermaid costumes to perform at parties and events, captivating audiences with their performances​.  Naja Bertolt Jensen/Unsplash

Full-Time Netflix Viewer

Individuals in this role get paid to watch TV and films, providing ratings and feedback to help curate the platform's content.  freestocks/Unsplash

Bicycle Fisher in Amsterdam

Workers retrieve thousands of bicycles from the city's canals each year using giant hydraulic claws.  Rafael Lodos/Unsplash

Dog Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky

This town elects dogs as honorary mayors, with the current holder being a pit bull named Brynneth Pawltro​.  James Barker/Unsplash

Eternal Employee in Sweden

Hired to do absolutely nothing at the Korsvägen train station, the employee enjoys a salary, raises, and a pension for their non-work.  Peter van der Meulen/Unsplash

IMAX Screen Cleaner

Responsible for ensuring the massive cinema screens remain clear and clean for the best viewing experience.  Isaac Moore/Unsplash

Odor Tester

Individuals tasked with assessing the effectiveness of deodorants, perfumes, and other scent-related products by testing them on humans.  Ana Essentiels/Unsplash

Sewer Flusher

Tasked with keeping sewer systems clear, these workers tackle blockages in the pipes, requiring a strong stomach and the willingness to work in less than pleasant conditions.  SELİM ARDA ERYILMAZ/Unsplash

Body Part Model

Specializing in modeling specific body parts like hands, feet, or even ears for photography shoots or as body doubles in films, this job demands exceptional care of the featured body part​.  AROMATEEC/Unsplash

Paper Towel Sniffer

Responsible for ensuring the scent of paper towels meets quality standards, sniffers have a keen sense of smell to judge the product's fragrance.  Kier in Sight Archives/Unsplash

Online Dating Ghostwriter

Helping clients create engaging and attractive profiles for online dating platforms, ghostwriters must have excellent writing skills and a knack for marketing​.  Good Faces Agency/Unsplash

Ice Rink Hand Holder

Ensuring the safety of visitors at ice rinks, especially during the busy winter months, these attendants may guide and support people on the ice, often holding hands to prevent falls.  Irena Carpaccio/Unsplash

These roles showcase the diverse and sometimes peculiar opportunities available in the job market, reflecting human creativity and adaptability across various cultures and industries. Whether it's ensuring the safety of communities living alongside wildlife, maintaining public hygiene, or ensuring the integrity of beloved products, each job fulfills a unique niche in society.  Clem Onojeghuo/Unsplash