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‘Constitutional crisis’: Republicans slam Hunter Biden for snubbing subpoena

By Jake Beardslee · December 17, 2023

In brief…

  • Rep. Jason Smith says House Republicans will push to question Kevin Morris about his financial ties to Hunter Biden, including lending him millions to pay taxes
  • Smith accused Hunter Biden of creating a "constitutional crisis" by defying a subpoena
  • Smith vowed that Republicans "absolutely" intend to contact Morris's attorneys to get him to testify
Republicans intend to question attorney Kevin Morris about lending millions to Hunter Biden to pay back taxes, and say the President's son is creating a "constitutional crisis" by defying the subpoena related to the family's foreign business dealings.  Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call/Wikimedia

According to Rep. Jason Smith (R-Mo.), House Republicans intend to question Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris about his financial ties to Hunter Biden, including lending Biden millions of dollars to pay off back taxes. Smith told Fox News there are “questions” about why Morris would “pay almost $5 million for tax filings and also to subsidize Hunter Biden’s lifestyle.” Republicans want to know “what is Kevin Morris getting from Hunter Biden or from Joe Biden” in return, Smith said.

Smith accused Hunter Biden of “creating a ‘constitutional crisis’” by defying a congressional subpoena and instead holding a press conference decrying the probe into his finances. “If you or I or any other American did that, we would be prosecuted. It’s clearly a two-tiered justice system,” Smith said.

Smith vowed that Republicans “absolutely” plan to contact Morris’s attorneys about getting him to testify. “Clearly, he was not out of the country, but this is just a pattern that we’ve been seeing throughout this entire investigation,” Smith said, referring to the House probe into President Biden’s involvement in his son’s business deals.

In the press conference, Hunter Biden said his father wasn’t involved financially in his foreign business deals, but according to Smith, “the emails and documentation we’ve been getting from the IRS whistleblowers prove otherwise.”