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Expert: Taylor Swift Didn’t Say F-Word During Sunday’s Chiefs Game

By CM Chaney · December 19, 2023

In brief…

  • Taylor Swift appeared to mouth an expletive during a Chiefs game per video footage
  • Lip reading expert Jeremy Freeman analyzed the footage and doesn't believe she clearly said the word
  • He thinks she started to say another word before shifting upon realizing she was on camera
  • The meaning of Swift's brief comments sparked debate, but remain inconclusive without audio
  • The Chiefs defeated the Patriots 27-17 with Swift watching alongside boyfriend Patrick Mahomes
Video footage showing Taylor Swift apparently mouthing an expletive at a Kansas City Chiefs game sparked debate, but a lip reading expert who analyzed the clip said evidence doesn't clearly show she used the curse word.  Screenshot / @NFLonFOX / X

Taylor Swift sparked debate on Sunday after appearing to mouth an expletive during the Kansas City Chiefs’ NFL game against the New England Patriots.

While there was speculation she used a four-letter curse word, a lip reading expert believes that may not be the case.

Cameras captured Swift in a Gillette Stadium suite. After Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce fell down unsuccessfully trying to catch a pass, Swift was seen saying something expressive.

Many believed she mouthed “f—-,” upset no penalty flag was thrown.

However, according to forensic lip reader Jeremy Freeman, the evidence doesn’t clearly support that claim.

“After careful examination, it is my professional opinion that Taylor Swift did not utter the expletive ‘f—-’ as has been alleged,” Freeman told Fox News Digital.

Freeman analyzed Swift’s lip movements, determining the sequence likely started with “you,” followed by a sound like “f.” He said her mouth shape didn’t match that she said “flag.”

Given the footage’s lack of clear audio, Freeman acknowledged his interpretation still involves some guesswork. However, he believes she likely started to say another word before self-editing upon realizing cameras were on her.

Per Freeman’s assessment, Swift may have been starting to say “frug,” “fry” or “fruck” before abruptly shifting mid-word after recognizing her visibility.

“It is plausible that she might have altered her intended word mid-sentence, possibly upon realizing she was being observed,” Freeman explained. “This could result in what appears to be an incomplete or nonsensical utterance.”

While the lip reading analysis remains inconclusive, Freeman stated he didn’t see clear evidence Swift used the expletive she was accused of based on her mouth movements. The debate over her brief comments divided opinions online over the weekend.

At minimum, Swift got to witness her boyfriend lead the Chiefs to a 27-17 win over the Patriots to halt a two-game losing streak.