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Fani Willis’ former BFF testifies ‘no doubt’ about early affair with Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade

By Jake Beardslee · February 15, 2024

In brief…

  • DA Willis faces misconduct allegations and must testify about Wade relationship
  • Wade says Willis' fame made travel difficult, but affair didn't start until 2022
  • Wade got cash, not gifts, from Willis for joint vacations
Allegations of an improper romantic relationship between DA Fani Willis and Trump prosecutor Nathan Wade have surfaced, with conflicting testimony about when the affair began.  Michael Vadon/Wikimedia

Allegations of misconduct have been leveled against Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is presiding over the criminal case against former president Donald Trump related to alleged election interference in Georgia. Willis is expected to testify on Thursday about the timeline of her relationship with Trump case prosecutor Nathan Wade, according to court documents.

Judge Scott McAfee said Willis could potentially be disqualified from the case “if evidence is produced that shows an actual conflict or the appearance of one,” according to The New York Post. Both Willis and Wade had sought to avoid testifying, but Trump co-defendant Mike Roman will seek to have the case dismissed over the prosecutors’ alleged misconduct.

Wade spoke on how famous Willis is, testifying that she was easily recognized and had difficulty dining out without extensive “attention.” He maintained their romance did not begin until “early 2022 around March,” contradicting the 2019 start date asserted by Robin Yeartie, Willis’ former friend. Yeartie claimed she saw the pair “hugging” and “kissing” and had “no doubt” of an earlier affair, although she had not spoken to Willis since leaving her employ in 2021.

Wade also disclosed Willis repaid him in cash for vacations they took together. He insisted he “never purchased a gift” for her. Willis’ ex-lawyer Terrence Bradley refused questions about the relationship, citing attorney-client privilege.