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$6-a-gallon gas wallops L.A. drivers with no end in sight

By CM Chaney · September 19, 2023

In brief…

  • Gas prices in L.A. County are nearing $6 per gallon, the highest in almost a year.
  • Commuters are feeling the impact, with many struggling to pay to fill their tanks.
  • While many drivers are keeping theirs trips to a minimum, they're still getting hit with gas station sticker shock.
  • Surrounding regions, such as Orange County and Riverside, are also experiencing elevated gas prices.
  • Higher oil prices mean L.A. drivers will shell out even more at the gas pump this fall.
L.A. gas prices spiked to near $6 per gallon, hitting drivers in their wallets.  Downtowngal/Wikimedia

California gas prices spiked over the weekend, reaching their highest level in nearly a year.

Regular unleaded gas in Los Angeles County now costs nearly $6 per gallon, causing distress for drivers and crimping their daily routines. The surge in prices has led many to question the affordability and sustainability of traditional fuel sources.

One gas station in Gardena is charging an eye-popping $6.39 for unleaded gas, leaving motorists shocked and frustrated.

Commuters who rely on the 110 Freeway are particularly affected, as they find themselves needing to stop for costly refuelings during their daily commutes.

Tales of sticker shock at the gas pump abound.

“It’s probably $180 to $200 to fill up my entire tank. Painful. Yeah, real bad,” one man told KTLA.

Another driver said transporting his children to school is now a financial issue. “We can’t even drive them there. It’s too expensive. It’s ridiculous.”

In an effort to lessen the financial burden, drivers are adopting strategies to cut costs. Many now meticulously plan their routes in advance in order to pare down the distance of each trip they make.

“We map it out beforehand, figure out how much gas we’ll need, and then fill it up accordingly,” said one driver.

Even so, these tactics can only provide limited relief in the face of sky-high gas prices.

Surrounding regions are also experiencing rising prices. Nearby Orange County has an average gas price of $5.75.

With global oil prices nearing $100 a barrel, energy experts say there is little relief in sight, meaning California motorists - and motorists nationwide - will likely have to shell out even more at the gas pump this fall.