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Marjorie Taylor Greene Reignites Impeachment Calls After Biden Staffers Linked to Relatives’ Businesses

By Jake Beardslee · June 8, 2024

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) renewed her push to impeach President Joe Biden on Saturday, seizing on a new report that found several of the president's closest aides had worked for his family members' private businesses.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY NETWORK

Greene, who has pushed for Biden's impeachment since before his inauguration, posted on X: "This is exactly why I filed articles of impeachment on Joe Biden on his first full day in office. He has abused his position of power to personally enrich himself and his family for years. There is no bigger scandal in American politics. Joe Biden must be IMPEACHED, convicted in the Senate, and removed from office. Then he must be prosecuted for his crimes and thrown in prison."  @RepMTG / X

Greene's remarks came after Politico reported that Biden had shared staffers and advisers like a bookkeeper with his son Hunter and a personal lawyer with his brother Jim Biden during and after government roles.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY NETWORK

However, the report did not conclusively show whether any of Biden's current employees are presently involved in relatives' business dealings.  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from Washington D.C, United States / Wikimedia

Greene, a loyal supporter of former President Donald Trump, has called for Biden's impeachment and removal from office since before he was sworn in as president in January 2021.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY

Just one day after the inauguration, she filed impeachment articles alleging improper foreign business ties between Biden and his son Hunter, claims that have been widely disputed.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY

The Republican-controlled House voted in December to launch an official impeachment inquiry focused on whether Biden improperly leveraged his vice presidency to aid his son's overseas business ventures, accusations the president has denied.  Josh Morgan / USA TODAY NETWORK

As the 2024 election nears with Biden and Donald Trump as presumptive nominees, their impeachment battles continue.  Staff Sgt. Marianique Santos / Wikimedia