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Man Steals NFL Great’s Identity, $1.9 Million With Help Of Player’s Ex‑Wife

By CM Chaney · November 9, 2023

In brief…

  • Kevin Thompson allegedly impersonated NFL player Earl Thomas and stole $1.9 million from his accounts.
  • Thompson used a fake ID with Thomas' info to open a bank account and transfer money.
  • He deposited Thomas' NFL checks, drained his retirement account, and sold his vehicles.
  • Thompson was arrested twice while driving Thomas' Rolls-Royce and a stolen Corvette.
  • Thomas' ex-wife Nina is believed to have helped with the identity theft scheme.
A New Orleans man impersonated former NFL player Earl Thomas III and allegedly stole over $1.9 million from his bank accounts and vehicles through an elaborate identity theft scheme.  Jeffrey Beall / Wikimedia

A New Orleans man has been accused of stealing over $1.9 million from former NFL player Earl Thomas III in an elaborate identity theft scheme.

Kevin J. Thompson, 38, was arrested in June by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office and faces multiple felony charges including identity theft, forgery, money laundering, and bank fraud.

According to investigators, Thompson used a fake driver’s license with Thomas’ information but his own photo to impersonate the NFL star and gain access to his bank accounts.

Thomas is a former All-Pro safety who played 9 seasons with the Seattle Seahawks before joining the Baltimore Ravens in 2019.

Authorities say Thompson was able to open a fraudulent bank account under Thomas’ name at a Jefferson Federal Credit Union branch in May 2022.

Over the next year, he allegedly transferred at least $700,000 from Thomas’ real accounts into the fake one before making large cash withdrawals, including one $50,000 withdrawal in May 2023. Thompson also deposited Thomas’ NFL paychecks into the phony accounts and drained a substantial sum from his retirement account.

In addition, Thompson allegedly transferred ownership of several vehicles owned by Thomas into his own name before selling them and pocketing the money. He was arrested while driving Thomas’ blue Rolls-Royce SUV, which he had transferred to himself using the fake ID.

After being released from jail, Thompson tried to retrieve the Rolls-Royce from authorities but arrived in a Corvette that had been reported stolen out of Atlanta. This led to a second arrest.

Investigators believe Thompson carried out the identity theft with the help of Nina Thomas, the football star’s ex-wife. The two are currently in a relationship together.

Federal officials are also involved in the ongoing investigation, which may lead to additional charges.

Authorities say over $1.9 million was stolen from Thomas through the elaborate scheme. Thompson has been released on a $730,000 bond. His attorney has declined to comment on the case.