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Made for each other: Trump rails on ‘broken weirdo’ Howard Stern

By CM Chaney · September 25, 2023

In brief…

  • Donald Trump slammed Howard Stern on social media, calling him "weak" and "pathetic."
  • Trump said Stern has "gone woke" and lost his audience and influence.
  • Stern has embraced being "woke," saying he won't support Trump.
  • The two used to be friendly, but Stern has recently become a vocal Trump critic.
Donald Trump bitterly attacked Howard Stern (above) on social media after the famed shock jock embraced being "woke" and openly rejected Trump.  Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

Former President Donald Trump lashed out at longtime radio host Howard Stern Saturday, calling him a “broken weirdo” who has “gone woke” in recent years.

In a post on his Truth Social platform, Trump slammed Stern as “weak, pathetic, and disloyal,” claiming the shock jock has “lost his friends and MUCH of his audience.” Trump and Stern had a friendly relationship for years, with Trump making multiple appearances as a guest on Stern’s popular radio show.

But their rapport soured after Trump entered politics, with Stern emerging as a vocal critic of the former president.

“I did his show many times in the good old days, and then he went woke, and nobody cares about him any longer,” Trump wrote on Saturday.

“His influence is gone, and without that, he’s got NOTHING. Just a broken weirdo, unattractive both inside and out, trying like hell to be relevant!”

Stern recently declared on his SiriusXM show, “I am woke, motherf—ker, and I love it!”

He embraced the “woke” label in response to a fan who complained the host had become too politically correct.

“If woke means I can’t get behind Trump, which is what I think it means, or that I support people who want to be transgender, or I’m for the vaccine, dude, call me woke as you f—king want,” Stern said.

The radio personality has transformed from a provocative shock jock to a more mainstream figure over the years. His political evolution has cost him friendships with former allies such as Trump.