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WATCH: Furious ex-NBA star discovers wife’s secret side hustle

By CM Chaney · October 31, 2023

In brief…

  • Former NBA star Joe Smith angry at wife Kisha's secret account
  • Kisha is ex-adult film star who married Smith after his $61M NBA career
  • Couple tried to fix finances before Kisha felt forced back into adult content
  • Smith sees page as betrayal, despite Kisha's former career
Former NBA player Joe Smith is furious after discovering his wife, ex-adult film star Kisha, had been secretly running an account behind his back due to their financial situation.  Bridget Samuels / Wikimedia

Former NBA star Joe Smith is furious after discovering his wife Kisha was secretly running a pay-for-content account.

The ex-adult film actress, who married Smith after he made $61 million during his NBA career, shared her husband’s angry reaction to finding out she was still producing adult content in 2023.

Kisha said the couple had tried to fix their financial situation before she felt forced to return to adult entertainment.

“Unfortunately, that’s not the case right now,” she admitted. Smith has reportedly lost much of the $18 million he had after retiring from his 14-year basketball career.

Upon learning of Kisha’s page, Smith unleashed his anger.

“Just finding out you got an [pay-for-content] page all these years,” Smith said. “That’s [BS]. That’s [effed] up, Kish. I’m telling you, that’s [effed] up.”

Kisha defended herself, pointing out she doesn’t collaborate with others and it’s her own body she can do with as she pleases.

“You knew who the [eff] I was when you met me,” she responded.

For Smith, the issue is not the money Kisha is making but rather what he sees as her betrayal of trust by hiding her activities from him. “I thought I would never have to go back to anything like this again,” Kisha explained, indicating the couple’s financial motivations. “But, unfortunately, that’s not the case right now.”

According to Kisha, Smith is taking her page personally, despite her former career. She said he is livid she operated the account behind his back.