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Viral NFL Conspiracy Theory: 2024 Super Bowl Participants Already Decided

By CM Chaney · November 12, 2023

In brief…

  • Fans think Super Bowl team colors match the game's logo
  • This year's red and blue logo suggests Ravens vs. 49ers
  • At 7-2, Ravens likely headed for playoffs
  • 49ers have more work to do at 5-3 record
Some NFL fans believe this year's red and blue Super Bowl LVIII logo signals a matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas.  Spc. Brandon C. Dyer / Wikimedia

Eagle-eyed NFL fans think they’ve already decoded which teams will play in Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas based on the game’s logo colors.

Each year’s Super Bowl logo features colors that supposedly represent the two teams that will compete. Fans point to Super Bowl LVI’s yellow and orange logo, matching the Los Angeles Rams’ blue and yellow uniforms against the Cincinnati Bengals’ black and orange.

This year’s Super Bowl LVII logo features red and blue, leading some to predict a matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers. The Ravens’ colors are purple, black and gold while the 49ers sport red and gold uniforms.

At 7-2, the Ravens lead the AFC North and could clinch the AFC’s #1 seed. The 49ers are 5-3, second in the NFC West behind the 8-1 Philadelphia Eagles. While the Ravens seem poised for a playoff run, the 49ers have more work to do to make the Super Bowl.

Not everyone buys the color conspiracy theory. Some think the Chiefs will return to the Super Bowl, possibly against the Minnesota Vikings. Others joke the Washington Commanders will go “all the way” this year.

The Super Bowl matchup won’t be decided for months. But the red and blue LVIII logo has fans guessing the Ravens and 49ers will meet in Las Vegas this February.